Our Story: Shenandoah Valley Lamb
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    Shenandoah Valley Lamb is an all natural lamb product from the lush
    Shenandoah Valley region.  Small farms in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia
    and Pennsylvania pasture raise these lamb on a grass finished diet,
    without the use of growth hormones. These local family farms take the
    utmost pride in the lambs that they raise.  

1600 S. Monroe Street    Baltimore, MD 21230
p. 410.962.5530    f. 410.962.5534   info@svlamb.com
    Shenandoah Valley Lamb is a new product from Old Line
    Custom Meat Company.  For years Old Line Meats has been
    processing lamb from the Shenandoah Valley Lamb region.

    Loin Chops on Sale $14.99/lb!
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